The Women of Rezilion: Security Researcher Ofri Ouzan

The Women of Rezilion: Security Researcher Ofri Ouzan

We are highlighting some of the amazing and talented women at Rezilion as part of our celebration of Women’s History month. Here we catch up with Security Researcher Ofri Ouzan.

Please tell me about your role and how you got started in your career? Why did you pursue this career path?
My role is Security Researcher. At Rezilion, I write research on security gaps and existing vulnerabilities, while writing a python tool that checks whether you are vulnerable to these vulnerabilities or not. 

I entered the world of computers when I was 15 and started at the ‘Magshimim’ program. During the program I found the cyber field interesting, so I decided to go deeper in this direction and chose to do the ‘Cyber Defender’ army course. After the course I was admitted to a classified unit and served the army for just under 3 years. 

Right after the army, I started my first job as a Security Researcher at Rezilion. This path attracted me because there are always new things to discover. There are new vulnerabilities and cyberattacks each day and it is not something that will go away. I feel the responsibility I have to protect against this issue. I enjoy learning new things each day, I like to solve problems and then move to another, and another. It is never boring. 

Does being a woman in tech pose any unique challenges?
From my point of view and with what I have experienced, no. I think that I entered this world when changes began, so I have experienced positive things when it comes to this issue. For example, in ‘Magshimim’, I was in the first female class in the program! This special class was created to make girls feel more comfortable while learning.

In addition, I took part in two programs that motivate and encourage girls to get into male- dominated fields; The Future Engineers by the IAI and Cyber Girlz (for which I later became a mentor for younger girls). 

I can’t say how it felt for other women before, but I feel that there are many people and programs that want to help me and encourage me because I am a woman. As a community, I think we need to encourage, motivate, and test people equally without gender differences.

What inspires you to do the best you can?
I feel most inspired when my hard work pays off. When I experience any difficulties in my life, I know that it’s temporary and this situation is here only to harden me. Then, I just need to figure out how to make the best out of the situation. When I do, I can keep pushing through and do the best I can.

What about working at Rezilion do you think helps foster an environment of inclusion for all genders?
Whenever I come to the office I don’t see a bigger percentage of any gender. My team is exactly 50-50 with men and women. 

What further progress would you like to see for women in technology around the world in the future?
More groups of women that launch their own startup. This is something I would like to achieve, and I am inspired by and look up to women who have already done that.

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