Break free of visibility silos to manage software risk across environments, at all stages and from multiple sources, all in one convenient platform.

All together now

Manage your software supply chain risk with ease: Combine insights from multiple scanners & threat intelligence sources, across every stage of the SDLC.

Consolidate all Scan Results

Use Rezilion as a standalone solution and/or integrate your existing scanner(s) to view results side by side.

Enrich with Threat Intel

Enrich your SBOM with third-party 
threat intelligence to keep malicious software out.

Correlate with SBOM

Map multiple vulnerabilities and IoCs 
to each software package, remove duplicates and overlaid on your SBOM.

Orchestrate the Fix

Prioritize what matters to reduce 85% of patching needs; use advanced workflows to drive remediation.


Eliminate bottlenecks in software security workflows by simplifying the process of working with inventory and risk data from multiple sources, stages and environments all in one place.


Get a complete understanding of your supply chain risk by continuously tracking software vulnerabilities, licenses, end-of-life, IoCs, threat intel and other risk as it changes over time.


Use Rezilion to get all of your software security tools working together. Add in your existing scanners and enhance your combined results with zero hassle. Integrate with your CI/CD platform and add collaboration tools with a few quick clicks.

Aggregation Features

View all your data, all at once

View risk across different business units, environments, and sources all in a single, live dashboard to make decisions and take actions, faster.

  1. Combine Rezilion vulnerability scan results with data from your existing scanners
  2. Manage risk across the SDLC from a single point of control

Integrate fast and easy

Integrate your existing scanners to Rezilion’s platform with a single click, or add Rezilion to your existing DevSecOps toolset with a simple, agentless deployment.

  1. Dozens of CI/CD, cloud workloads, collaboration tools and vulnerability scanners supported

Enrich with Intelligence

Enrich Rezilion’s data with external intelligence to allow for detection of a variety of software supply chain threats (not just vulnerabilities), as well as better prioritization of vulnerabilities based on their exploitability in the wild.

  1. CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and EPSS – Intelligence on the likelihood (probability) that a software vulnerability will be exploited in the wild
  2. Malware Bazaar and Open Source Software Foundation (OSSF)- feeds to identify malicious code in software packages

Map everything to your SBOM

Automatically dedupe scan results from a variety of sources and environments and overlay this information on your Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for a consistent view of your software risk.

  1. Make SBOM your single source of truth that captures all risk associated with each software component
  2. Use SBOM dependency mapping to fix multiple vulnerabilities at once by patching a few upstream components
  3. Communicate software risk effectively using regulation-friendly formats such as CycloneDX and VEX (Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange)

Prioritize to view what matters

Clear away clutter created by overwhelming volumes of scanner output by using runtime analysis data to validate exploitability and filter out vulnerabilities that pose no true risk.

  1. Reduce patching backlogs by 85% or more – instantly
  2. Shorten exposure windows by remediating faster, empowered with precise knowledge of what and how to fix
  3. Fail less builds by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities

Manage across the SDLC

Map and dynamically track the function, status and interactions of every piece of code in your environment at every stage of the SDLC through a single, live platform dashboard.

  1. Maintain an accurate view of your attack surface as it changes over time
  2. Consistently track and manage security policies across business units
  3. Eliminate wasted work associated with manually aggregating, prioritizing and taking action on software risk data at different stages in the software lifecycle
  4. Comprehensively track and monitor policies and SLAs to understand the impact and efficacy of security work

Rezilion has completely changed my vulnerability management program. We’ve eliminated thousands of hours of wasted time manually analyzing vulnerabilities that don’t pose any risk in my AWS environment.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Rezilion allowed us to patch over 20,000,000 files in less than 90 days! This kind of transformation has us excited to be a customer.

CISO Fortune 10 company

Rezilion helps us protect our environment as a continuous process without the need for tuning and verification by a human being.

CISO AppsFlyer

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