Eliminate the guesswork and reduce risk fast with actionable remediation recommendations and automated patching.

Automatically more secure

Distill thousands of vulnerabilities to the handful that are exploitable and require attention. Fix with automated remediation in seconds.

Fix only what matters

Using Rezilion's validation, distill thousands of vulnerabilities to a handful of packages.

Know how to fix

Fix efficiently with Rezilion's next generation vulnerability database (NGVDB), which outlines the lowest-cost fix for each vulnerability.

Take action

Define automated polices and workflows to commission and track remediation work, using your existing toolset (Jira, Slack, GitLab, etc).


Automatically remediate vulnerabilities in CI to address risk proactively and free up dev resources.

Reduce time to patch
Reduce time to patch

Provide more precise, more impactful remediation instructions focused on exploitable risk, and remediate them automatically early in the build cycle.

Enforce your<br />
security policy
Enforce your
security policy

Enforce your security policy consistently by integrating it into the critical stages of your team’s SDLC and remediation workflow.

Create harmony <br class="d-block"> between teams
Create harmony
between teams

Make security a priority. Eliminate disagreements over the where, why and how of patching work.

Vulnerability Remediation features

Manage all your scan results in one place

Scan for vulnerabilities and/or aggregate scan results across a range of environments and scanner tools (hosts, OSS, containers) to evaluate all your software supply chain risk in a single, live dashboard.

  1. See a unified view of all vulnerabilities
  2. Actively monitor with real-time updates
  3. Understand your true risk

Filter out the noise

Filter away unexploitable vulnerabilities to focus remediation work on your highest areas of risk, first.

Define and enforce security policies consistently

Set your organization’s thresholds of acceptable risk to meet security and compliance requirements, and enforce them consistently across the SDLC and across the organization through a single dashboard.

  1. Specify risk based on your environment
  2. Customize policies based on range of options: CVSS, exploitability, type of application, Site/BU and patching SLAs.
  3. Enforce policies to improve security posture

Address problems at their root

Use Rezilion’s Dependency Graph to fix multiple vulnerabilities in several components at once by upgrading a single upstream software package.

Address problems at their root

Know how to fix

Use Rezilion’s Next Generation Vulnerability Database (NGVDB) intelligence to know what is the closest version upgrade that would remediate the vulnerability with minimal functional impact.

Automatically create a smart remediation plan

Overlay Rezilion runtime analysis data and third party intelligence feeds with your defined security policy; instantly group thousands of vulnerabilities into a handful of low-impact software updates.

Execute automatically

Don’t flood DevOps with vulnerability scan dumps, automate the next steps and remediate in CI to speed up remediation and save time.

  1. Create tickets, patch and track remediation progress using your existing workflow management tooling
  2. Automatically create and test patch merge requests in CI
  3. Ensure compliance by meeting SLAs

Track exposure time

Track your team’s remediation efforts and SLAs to ensure that you are not out of compliance. Automatically resolve issues that have been fixed to release developer bandwidth back to innovation work.

Our software hardening process went from over 90 days to less than seven, thanks to Rezilion.

CISO, Fortune 10 Company

Rezilion helps us protect our environment as a continuous process without the need for tuning and verification by a human being.

CISO AppsFlyer

Rezilion allowed us to patch over 20,000,000 files in less than 90 days! This kind of transformation has us excited to be a customer.

CISO Fortune 10 company

Fix the risks that matter most, faster.