Be super secure.
Be super fast.

Software security takes time. Rezilion’s software supply chain security platform accelerates it.

An automatically different way to manage software supply chain risk


All the tools you need to detect, prioritize and remediate software supply chain risk, all in one place


Manage all of your software components, in real time, on any layer of the software stack, at any stage at the SDLC.


Easily integrate your existing DevSecOps stack into Rezilion, deploy agentlessly, or access Rezilion in your existing tools, to reduce operational friction.


Eliminate manual security bottlenecks that slow down release cycles to free up human bandwidth for more strategic work.

Spend less time fixing and more time building

Spend less time fixing and more time building

Use Rezilion to automate manual security work across the SDLC to secure with accuracy while freeing up human bandwidth for more strategic work.


Less patching work after using Rezilion to validate the exploitability of detected software vulnerabilities


Faster time to patch, on average, after using Rezilion to build smart remediation plans

The only (agentless) software security tool that reduces the need for software security work

See it all in
one place

Scan for vulnerabilities and aggregate data across a range of environments and scanner tools (hosts, OSS, containers) to manage software supply chain risk from as ingle, live dashboard.

Manage your live
attack surface - without deploying agents

Track all of your software components and their real-time behaviors without deploying agents with Rezilion's Dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

your risks

Instantly search and locate high-risk components across millions of files, and know if they're exploitable in your specific environment.

Filter out
the noise

Apply runtime analysis data to vulnerability scan results to know what's exploitable at any stage of the SDLC—and where to focus remediation efforts.

Give clear
direction, easily

Automatically distill thousands of vulnerabilities to a handful of packages that need to be updated to remediate vulnerabilities.

Remediate safely,

Receive recommendations for what components to upgrade in CI, automatically test these patches and apply them upon approval, in one seamless workflow.

As more and more of our clients are embracing DevSecOps and pushing code faster than ever, we’re looking for ways to help them stay safe in motion. For any organization facing the same challenge, the combination of Amazon Inspector and Rezilion will do exactly that.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Our software hardening process went from over 90 days to less than seven, thanks to Rezilion.

CISO, Fortune 10 Company

Don’t take our word for it. Trust our customers.

Get the fix for the software
security slowdown