Automatically secure your product releases

Deliver secure products quickly, build after build.

Integrate security
Integrate security

Integrate Security at every stage of the SDLC in ways that eliminate friction between teams.

Eliminate risk
Eliminate risk

Use Rezilion's next-generation vulnerability database to efficiently eliminate risk with precision.

Accelerate releases
Accelerate releases

Achieve a shorter time to market with workflow integrations and automated remediation.

Experience the future of DevSecOps

Experience the future of DevSecOps

Secure your software with the accuracy and speed your business requires. Give it a try today with a free 30-day trial.

CI/CD security
made easy

Drive secure builds with workflow-
integrated security

  1. Deploy in minutes as a plugin to your existing CI/CD pipeline
  2. Integrate seamlessly within the development workflow
  3. Get an instant view into all components present in your CI/CD pipeline with the dynamic SBOM

I need to Integrate
security in our CI/CD

Discover your attack surface

Know what is exploitable as you build to
fix what matters most

  1. Map vulnerabilities to software components early in the build process
  2. Use runtime analysis and deep validation to determine the exploitability of detected vulnerabilities

I need to discover
vulnerable components
across our applications.

Clear away false positives

Eliminate un-exploitable vulnerabilities
and reduce your backlog by 85%

  1. Focus on vulnerabilities that are exploitable
  2. Reduce your patching burden and exchange hours of remediation times for development time

I need to prioritize
my work.

Know what to fix

Granularity means knowing what is truly

  1. Use runtime analysis to validate the actual exploitability of detected vulnerabilities
  2. Fix efficiently with Rezilion’s next generation vulnerability database (NGVDB), which outlines the lowest-cost fix for each vulnerability
  3. Apply the right patching plans automatically in CI, to save developer time

I need to communicate
back to developers
exactly what they
have to fix.

Security at every stage

Accelerate product releases with
integrated workflow security

  1. Define automated security policies and workflows
  2. Create tickets, patch, and track remediation progress using your existing toolset (Jira, Slack, GitLab, etc.)
  3. Use automated remediation to use less developer time for fixing and free up more time to build

I need to create workflows
to fix vulnerabilities as
part of DevOps lifecycle.

Release secure builds

With real-time updates and drift detection, Rezilion’s dynamic SBOM ensures that you don’t let any vulnerabilities get through to production

  1. View software component changes as they occur
  2. Detect and track component vulnerability drift throughout the DevOps lifecycle

I need to assure that only
secured components are
shipped to production.

As more and more of our clients are embracing DevSecOps and pushing code faster than ever, we’re looking for ways to help them stay safe in motion. For any organization facing the same challenge, the combination of Amazon Inspector and Rezilion will do exactly that.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Our software hardening process went from over 90 days to less than seven, thanks to Rezilion.

CISO, Fortune 10 Company

Reduce your patching efforts by
85% or more in less than 10 minutes