Go beyond traditional SCA capabilities to continuously track all your open-source components and their associated risk, across the SDLC.

See it all clearly, act faster

Go beyond traditional SCA with Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM: More visibility, less noise; more security at less cost. No agents required.


Know down to the function level what every component is doing to triage active versus latent threats.


See all software components across dev and prod, on-prem and cloud, hosts, containers and IoT devices.


Instantly pinpoint and search for vulnerable components and other risks across billions of files.


Continuously monitor and update your SBOM in real-time - without deploying an agent - to surface changes as they’re introduced.

Know your components
Know your components

Deploy agentlessly and quickly identify specific OSS components (such as Log4j) within your environment to manage supply chain risk at any stage in the SDLC.

Understand impact
Understand impact

Enhance scan results with intelligence feeds and dynamic runtime analysis data to keep track of your software attack surface as it changes over time.

Achieve compliance
Achieve compliance

Instantly create and share SBOM and VEX inventory documentation necessary to comply with government software supply chain regulations.

SCA and Dynamic SBOM Features

Full visibility,
full cycle, no agent necessary

Create a live inventory of all third-party software components in your CI/CD, staging and production environments.

  1. Deploy agentlessly in minutes; simply connect in a cloud provider account and run
  2. Create a comprehensive inventory of all your software components
  3. Continuously update your SBOM throughout the SDLC
  4. Eliminate any coverage gaps

Know your real
attack surface

Understand your changing software universe through real time updates to the SBOM.

  1. View components with granular precision, down to the function level
  2. Understand exploitability with runtime analysis
  3. Know your true attack surface

Search for vulnerable components

Instantly look up any component in your software and know risk associated with them.

  1. Search for known vulnerabilities such as Log4j
  2. Instantly analyze if any of the discovered vulnerabilities are exploitable
  3. Quickly address any risk posed by these vulnerable components

Share your SBOM

Proactively assure customers and communicate true risk in their environment.

  1. Share a VEX (vulnerability exchange) document to outline impact of vulnerabilities
  2. Export as a CycloneDX, SPDX or Excel document
  3. Confidently share your dynamic SBOM with customers for transparency and compliance

Control your software supply chain

Know where every component came from and understand their impact to manage supply chain security.

  1. Know your open source components and their dependencies
  2. Find out where each component came from
  3. Manage license risk associated with each component

Proactively assure your customers

Communicate important vulnerability information with your customers using a formal VEX (vulnerability exchange) document to outline the actual impact of vulnerabilities they may detect in your product.

Rezilion has completely changed my vulnerability management program. We’ve eliminated thousands of hours of wasted time manually analyzing vulnerabilities that don’t pose any risk in my AWS environment.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Rezilion allowed us to patch over 20,000,000 files in less than 90 days! This kind of transformation has us excited to be a customer.

CISO Fortune 10 company

Rezilion helps us protect our environment as a continuous process without the need for tuning and verification by a human being.

CISO AppsFlyer

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