Rezilion Platform

Drill down. Speed up.

Bring transformative velocity to your DevSecOps team.


Rezilion Platform

Drill down. Speed up.

Bring transformative velocity to your DevSecOps team

Our Difference

Autonomous solutions, powered by Unison™

DevSecOps automation begins with Rezilion Unison™, a proprietary workload composition analysis engine powering the breadth of our product chain. Learn More >

Live map your code universe

A first-of-its-kind technology, Unison creates a comprehensive model of all applications across infrastructure and runtime environments, creating a dynamic bill of materials (DBOM) necessary to power a variety of automated DevSecOps solutions.

Any workload, any application, agentless

Unison blends seamlessly into existing DevOps fabric. Deployed in seconds as a plugin to your existing DevOps tools, it reverse-engineers and maps the entirety of your environment, dynamically tracking the inventory, provenance, runtime execution, exposure and interdependencies each piece of code, in detail.

Platform Benefits

Work in harmony

Unlock more bandwidth and build trust between security and engineering teams.

Map, track and manage your dynamic environment

Create a comprehensive, dynamic bill of materials (DBOM) of your environment, to know where every piece of code came from, what its function is, what it depends on, and whether it’s executing or not.

Know your true risk surface

Layer deterministic runtime data with vulnerability scan results from multiple sources, to get an accurate view of your attack surface, from dev to prod.

Focus on the issues that matter

Leverage automation to validate and filter, not just sort vulnerability scan results. Instantly know what packages within your product and OS pose actual risk in your environment.

Enforce your trusted SDLC process

Certify that every piece of code in your environment came from a trusted repository, and automatically alert teams when discrepancies are detected to take immediate action.

Harmonize Efforts to Get More Done

Use automation to eliminate manual DevSecOps bottlenecks and secure your SDLC with precision, while reducing operational friction between security and engineering teams.


Rezilion Validate

Automated Vulnerability Validation


Rezilion Certify

Automated Desired-State Enforcement

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