Rezilion vs SCA: How The Two Compare

Rezilion vs SCA

Software composition analysis tools (SCA) are not created equal. A big pain point is that because they’re limited in what they see, developers get caught in a sea of false positives, which slows down their response time.

That’s not the case with Rezilion’s SCA. Our tool remediates any significant issues it uncovers throughout the SDLC.

Here’s what you can expect:

Full visibility. Rezilion provides visibility into all your software and the associated risks from start to finish—dev, stage and production.

No more noise. Many SCAs generate a significant number of false positives. Another differentiator is our tool filters these away so you can focus on remediating risks that are exploitable, generating an 85% savings in patching time.

Automated remediation. SCA inundates developers and DevOps with remediation work. Contrast that with our tool, which creates an automated remediation plan that suggests a fix and applies it as part of your SDLC.

Significant cost savings. Not only is the SCA remediation process time-consuming, but they are also very expensive. Rezilion offers a more appealing pricing model and helps teams realize an 85% reduction in dev hours spent on patching.

Here’s a look at how Rezilion stacks up against traditional SCA tools.

Platform. Rezilion offers a comprehensive software supply chain security platform that automatically discovers, prioritizes and remediates risks found in open-source and third-party software. This applies to any layer of the software stack during any stage in the SDLC.

In contrast, traditional SCA tools scan homegrown apps to identify open-source software so they can identify known vulnerabilities and license issues.

Discovery. Rezilion provides a continuous, always up-to-date inventory of all software components used—from on-prem to cloud, Windows and IoT at any point in the SDLC—all in one place.

In contrast, traditional SCA does partial discovery, scanning third-party and open-source software only in dev.

Risk detection. Rezilion offers expanded coverage of all risks associated with third-party and open-source software—including finding from other scanners.

In contrast, traditional SCA only detects vulnerabilities and licenses.

Aggregation. Rezilion aggregates and prioritizes vulnerabilities with one-click integration from all the other scanners you use to allow for effective management from a single pane of glass.

In contrast, traditional SCA tools are limited to one tool, one stage, one environment at a time.

Prioritization. Rezilion provides continuous coverage by validating exploitability with runtime analysis, which results in an 85% reduction in remediation work.

In contrast, there are many false positives with traditional SCA. This means you cannot differentiate what is actually being executed in runtime.

Remediation. Rezilion automates the process of building an optimal remediation plan.

SBOM reporting. Rezilion expands the process of inventorying all software components by using multiple formats, including CycloneDX and VEX. The tool not only effectively communicates risk to customers and auditors but also saves time by focusing only on impactful vulnerabilities.

In contrast, most traditional SCA tools only support limited SBOM formats such as CycloneDx. Most do not support VEX.

Exposure. Rezilion does not access your source code—it only collects metadata to analyze binaries.

In contrast, traditional SCA tools require access to sensitive source code.

Average cost. Because of the efficiencies it provides, Rezilion has a 5x lower total cost of ownership. Sample pricing: $35 (license) + 1.5 hours (patch time) x $50 (dev hourly cost) = $110.

In contrast, sample pricing for other SCA tools: $75 (license) – 10 hours (patch time) x $50 (dev hourly cost) = $575.

Whether you’re new to SCA or considering a change to what you’re currently using, the differences between Rezilion’s SCA and its competitors are clear. No other solution offers full visibility into the third-party software in your dev environment, an 85% reduction in patching work, automated remediation and 5x the savings on costs.

Learn more about Rezilion’s SCA and book a demo today to learn more about how Rezilion goes beyond SCA.

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