Vulnerability Validation

Patch less, save time, and create more by prioritizing your actual risk.

Filter out noise to focus
on what’s actually exploitable

Free yourself from the burden of your backlog and accelerate development.

See it all in one place

Consolidate scan results from multiple tools.

Know what's real

Use granular runtime context to filter out vulnerabilities that pose no risk.

Patch less, build more

Reduce vulnerability patching by 85%.

Manage your risk

Track your teams' progress over time to actively manage your software attack surface.

Release fast
Release fast

Fail less builds by focusing on exploitable vulnerabilities and remove security as a bottleneck to innovation.

Focus on what matters
Focus on what matters

Aggregate all of your scan results from dev to prod, and filter out vulnerabilities that don’t pose a risk for accurate reporting and efficient use of resources.

Eliminate wasted effort
Eliminate wasted effort

Let Security and DevOps focus on your mission and customers, and less on patching. Save time and expense by working efficiently.

Vulnerability Validation features

Understand what’s
in your software

Map and dynamically track the function, status and interactions of every piece of code in your environment.

  1. Search and pinpoint vulnerable components
  2. Identify if and how every component is used
  3. Understand drift and change over time

Manage your full vulnerability backlog
all in one place

Aggregate scan data from any type or number of scanning tools.

  1. Know all your components in your software environment
  2. Eliminate any coverage gaps
  3. Accurately report on the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program

Go deep

Prioritize vulnerabilities with unprecedented granularity.

  1. Leverage Rezilion’s next-gen vulnerability database to pinpoint vulnerabilities down to the function/class level
  2. Use Rezilion’s deep runtime analysis to know what classes and functions are running
  3. Layer runtime and vulnerability data to know what’s exploitable at the most granular level

Filter vulnerabilities to define your true
attack surface

Focus your efforts on exploitable vulnerabilities and avoid patching false-positives that are not loaded into memory and therefore pose no risk.

Take smart remediation action to reduce
work for all

Aggregate vulnerabilities by their software component to address multiple issues with a handful of actions…automatically.

  1. Remove thousands of vulnerabilities by patching just a single package
  2. Create an optimal remediation plan that allows your IT and developer teams to patch efficiently and effectively
  3. Automatically commission remediation work with integrated ticketing systems
  4. In CI, apply this patching plan automatically saving your developers time

Our software hardening process went from over 90 days to less than seven, thanks to Rezilion.

CISO, Fortune 10 Company

Rezilion helps us protect our environment as a continuous process without the need for tuning and verification by a human being.

CISO AppsFlyer

Rezilion allowed us to patch over 20,000,000 files in less than 90 days! This kind of transformation has us excited to be a customer.”

CISO Fortune 10 company

Reduce your patching efforts by
85% or more in less than 10 minutes