Rezilion Certify

Trust your code with Desired State Enforcement.

Sanction your guardrails and stabilize your code

Pre-define the trusted path to production from repository to release to reduce your risk.

By smart-gating the pipelines to production and continuously monitoring your runtime environment for changes, enforce a desired state of your applications and infrastructure before, during and after release.

Use Cases

Prevent risk

Certify that all your code is in a desired state and meets security standards and compliance requirements.

Prevent drift

Prevent unsanctioned changes from entering into your runtime environment without being scanned or tested in your CI/CD pipeline.

Prevent delays

Give maximum autonomy to developers while providing unprecedented control for security teams, reducing friction across your org.

How it works


Unison Core


Unison Core


Unison Core

Certify is enabled using the data already instrumented by Validate in CI, Staging and/or Production and does not require deploying anything else into your environment.
Certify is enabled using the data already instrumented by Validate in CI, Staging and/or Production and does not require deploying anything else into your environment.
In CI or Stage/CD, Rezilion creates an allow-list of code to be run in production. Executable files and packages are “accepted” to the list only if they meet a predefined Gating Criteria based on:
  • Risk – does it have a validated vulnerability above a certain CVSS score?
  • Provenance – did it come from a trusted pipeline and/or repository

Unison then correlates instrumented runtime data from production with the allow-list created in CI/Stage and ensures that all files running in production have passed through the smart gates and were thereby approved for promotion.

Unison is constantly running, which means it updates the register of approved files and packages with every promotion. If a file or package is detected in production that was not scanned and approved for promotion, a notification is sent to the application owners.

  • SaaS by-default (ISO 27001 Certified).


Automate Security Review

Define simple and transparent risk-posture thresholds across all your pipelines and scanners based on Rezilion’s ability to validate actual risk.

Enable DevOps Autonomy

Help DevOps to release code with acceptable risk posture by showing them exactly what they need to fix in order to meet your defined standards.

Establish a root of trust

Ensure only code from trusted sources is running in production by certifying the repositories and processes responsible for promoting them into runtime.

Achieve continuous assurance

Scan once during pre-deployment, assure continuously in runtime. Guarantee that 100% of the code being executed in production meets your standards 100% of the time.

Detect drift, threats, and bad actors instantly

Get notified, immediately, when unsanctioned changes are introduced in production to quickly evaluate their context and triage for remediation, if necessary.

Take the right action at the right time

In the event of a compromise, have detailed knowledge into the origin, nature and location of the threat to interrupt attacker persistence.

Rezilion Validate

Maintain release velocity with Automated Vulnerability Validation

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