Manage Risk and Productivity with Vulnerability Validation

Manage Risk and Productivity with Vulnerability Validation

By: Baksheesh Singh Ghuman

Vulnerability management is one of the foundational controls that all organizations are required to have out of necessity due to increasing cyberthreats and as a consequence, compliance requirements. Vulnerability management as a practice is fundamental to organizations who want to ensure that their operations run smoothly without any loss of productivity or profits. Even though there are many vulnerability management tools on the market, most organizations are struggling with the following key challenges: 

  • Too many vulnerabilities
  • Not enough staff
  • Longer times to remediate 
  • High costs of cybersecurity

In 2021, Rezilion helped its customers to address these challenges. Using Rezilion Validate, customers were able to reduce patching efforts by 72%, which translates to reducing 5,578,365 vulnerabilities to merely 1,561,942. This reduction resulted in our customers saving over 80,000 hours of remediation time and millions of dollars in reduced cybersecurity costs and countless sleepless nights and potential cyberattacks. 

Rezilion Validate also helps us ship our own software updates, secure and on time — read development team leader Artum Zolotushko’s entertaining first-person experience of eliminating 56 vulnerabilities without applying a single patch or creating any risk.

How did Rezilion do that? In order to understand, it is important to review our approach to vulnerability management which goes beyond what traditional vulnerability management companies do. 

Traditional Vulnerability Scanner Pitfalls

Traditional vulnerability scanners discover all potential vulnerabilities in your environment and provide you with a clear list. This list is further enriched with additional sources of exploit data and metrics to provide the customers with vulnerability prioritization based on severity and a proprietary risk score. Customers are left to figure out what to do with all the vulnerabilities. In most cases, the workload ends up being too large for the team. Companies spend thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars and still do not achieve their security posture goals, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Traditional vulnerability scanners fail to prioritize vulnerabilities that are exploitable. This is where Rezilion differentiates.

Rezilion’s Approach to Vulnerability Validation and Management

Rezilion takes a different approach to vulnerability management. Our objective is quite simple – identify vulnerabilities that are exploitable. Using our dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), customers get a comprehensive view of all software components present in their environment. The dynamic SBOM is then mapped against the run time analysis of all software components (packages, files, binaries, libraries, etc.) to show what is loaded to memory and therefore exploitable, and what is not loaded to memory and thus not exploitable. The mere presence of the vulnerability does not mean it is a threat to your environment. Rezilion Validate provides our customers with:

  • A 70% (or more) reduction in patching efforts by eliminating unexploitable vulnerabilities and fixing what matters most in your environment.
  • A savings of thousands of remediation hours by focusing on only exploitable risks and reducing remediation timelines from months to days.
  • A dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) which creates a dynamic inventory of your environment, including OSS and other elements present in your software package. The SBOM helps track, in real time, where every component came from, what its function is, what it depends on, and whether it’s executing or not.
  • A view of the actual software attack surface after filtering out unloaded components so cybersecurity controls are implemented.

Using the Rezilion platform, our customers have saved thousands of hours and dollars on remediation and ensured that they deliver secure products quickly. If you would like to try Rezilion, request a free demo today. 

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