Dark Reading: How Far Have SBOMs Come in Two Years?

Read about a recent article in Dark Reading about SBOMs and Executive Order 14028

It’s been two years since Executive Order 14028 was signed by President Biden. The EO, officially signed on May 12, 2021,  is largely considered an important step in improving cybersecurity for the nation.

In a new column on Dark Reading, Rezilion’s CEO Liran Tancman reflects on how far the Software Bill of Materials, or SBOM, has come in its use as a tool for visibility and security in organizations. The executive order mandates federal contractors to maintain an SBOM in order to work with the US government, and, as a result, awareness and use of this tool has grown. But just how much has it grown? And what does the future of the SBOM look like?

Read the column on the Dark Reading site today at https://www.darkreading.com/vulnerabilities-threats/where-sboms-stand-today.

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