A Modern Security Environment Requires An SBOM

A Modern Security Environment Requires An SBOM

Organizations with legacy environments should be focused on reducing technical debt, which can expose businesses to exploits.

In a recent article published by Forbes, Rezilion Co-Founder and CEO, Liran Tancman, discusses how restructuring organizations to better integrate tools such as SBOMs (Software Bills of Material) is a necessary step for the future. The use of such assets allows companies to reduce their workload by identifying the ‘what matters’ in their software and eliminate unnecessary code.

Going a step further, Dynamic SBOMs — SBOMs capable of adapting to a changing environment — can give better visibility into the environment and updates changes in real time.

As Tancman points out, it is much more difficult for older organizations, such entities face the prospect of internal restructuring, utilizing various services to get an accurate picture of their software apparatus. Apparatuses which for the most part aren’t efficiently integrated with one another, if at all. Modern companies whose code is far more flexible find the integration of SBOMs far less painful.

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