2022’s Most Exploited Vulnerabilities: Insights and Future Preparedness

The release of the list of CISA's top 12 routinely exploited vulnerabilities in 2022 provides insights into nature of cyber threats

The cybersecurity landscape is a dynamic battlefield where attackers constantly seek out vulnerabilities to exploit. In this context, the release of the list of top 12 routinely exploited vulnerabilities by CISA in August 2023 provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats. Our new report delves into these vulnerabilities, their historical exploitation, and potential future threats.

The Historical Perspective

Surprisingly, not all CVEs exploited in 2022 were discovered that year. While some were indeed identified in 2022, others date back to earlier years. This underscores a vital point: the relevance of certain CVEs remains if systems remain unpatched, rendering them susceptible to exploitation.

The Importance of Patching

The purpose of the post is to illuminate the significance of timely software patching and provide insights into the vulnerabilities most frequently exploited in 2022. This knowledge empowers organizations to proactively defend against these threats.

Present and Future Exploitation Predictions

The list of top 12 routinely exploited CVEs showcases vulnerabilities that have been consistently targeted by threat actors. Nevertheless, given that we are now in 2023, a question arises: are these CVEs still being actively exploited? And do these CVEs appear to possess exploitable potential in the future? This question is addressed by leveraging reliable sources, including GreyNoise, ShadowServer, EPSS and Shodan.

Understanding present and future exploitation trends is crucial for effective defense. GreyNoise and ShadowServer help us understand the present exploitation while EPSS and Shodan help us understand potential exploitation in the future. While the present exploitation status sheds light on the immediate threat landscape, future predictions allow proactive measures against evolving threats.

A Nuanced Approach to Security

In the world of cybersecurity, a nuanced approach is essential. While certain vulnerabilities might not currently be heavily exploited, they possess the potential for significant threats. It’s paramount to prioritize security strategies that blend information from various sources, enabling organizations to better defend against evolving threats.

Act Now, Protect Tomorrow

As organizations adapt to evolving cybersecurity challenges, one fact remains clear: proactive defense is the key. The insights in our report aim to raise awareness, foster preparedness, and empower readers to fortify their systems against the ever-present and rapidly evolving cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

About the author: Ofri Ouzan is a Security Researcher at Rezilion


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