Instant, holistic Vulnerability Management

Amazon Inspector + Rezilion:
The better-together solution

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives teams the ability to build and deploy new applications and services on-demand, with minimal overhead. This can cause the attack surface to explode if the right security isn’t put in place. This is why AWS customers use Amazon Inspector to scan their environment and detect vulnerabilities. The real difficulty lies in determining which vulnerabilities to patch and how quickly because not every vulnerability that is identified is exploitable. Typically, only about 15% of identified vulnerabilities are in code that loads to memory and pose a real risk, while the rest are not exploitable.


That’s where Rezilion comes in. By combining Amazon Inspector with Rezilion, you can now efficiently:

Know your environment with a dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that identifies all the software components including open source components. Exportable in CycloneDX format to easy sharing.

Focus on your actual attack surface, knowing instantly which vulnerabilities are loaded into memory – and are actually exploitable – and which are not.

Reduce patching efforts by 85%, saving DevOps and Security teams thousands of hours of manual work.

Speed up remediation timelines from months to days, ensuring real threats are addressed with urgency and accuracy.

Maintain release velocity by eliminating false positives and failing fewer builds.

Instantly search and pinpoint vulnerable components across millions of files and on thousands of hosts, containers, and applications.

Use Rezilion's next generation vulnerability database to understand risk down to the class and function level.

Create tickets, patch and track remediation progress using your existing workflow management tooling to remediate vulnerabilities efficiently.

Rezilion helps AWS
customers feel more:


Remediating actual threats that provide a return vs. perceived threats that ultimately waste time and show no return.


Saving time and money by focusing on vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited.


Helping them shift left to get both Security and DevOps on the same page.

As more and more of our clients are embracing DevSecOps and pushing code faster than ever, we’re looking for ways to help them stay safe in motion. For any organization facing the same challenge, the combination of Amazon Inspector and Rezilion will do exactly that.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Rezilion has completely changed my vulnerability management program. We’ve eliminated thousands of hours of wasted time manually analyzing vulnerabilities that don’t pose any risk in my AWS environment.

CEO, Leading ERP Solution Provider

Next-level automation, next-level
control: Rezilion + Inspector

Combining Rezilion with the new Amazon Inspector, customers can now more seamlessly identify and manage vulnerabilities while increasing development agility.

Getting started is easy. Simply access Rezilion through AWS Marketplace and activate through an agentless, single-click deployment mechanism that connects Rezilion to your assets including EC2, EKS, and Containers.

Integrate your Amazon Inspector scan results into Rezilion for an end-to-end software attack surface management solution.

Achieve constant <br />
Achieve constant

Continuously assess EC2 instances and container images pushed to the Elastic Container Registry (ECR) for software vulnerabilities.

Manage all<br />
vulnerabilities within<br />
a single pane of glass
Manage all
vulnerabilities within
a single pane of glass

Combine Inspector results with other vulnerability scanners’ findings side-by-side for full-spectrum understanding.

Validate <br />

Instantly know which vulnerabilities are loaded into memory- and are therefore exploitable – and which are not.

Automatically create actionable <br />
remediation plans
Automatically create actionable
remediation plans

Organize findings by software components that need to be patched and updated, distilling thousands of vulnerabilities to a few remediation actions.

Access advanced <br />
reporting capabilities
Access advanced
reporting capabilities

Show relevant vulnerability management trends over time across environments and applications, including metrics such as average time-to-fix and total exploitable risk.

Full, dynamic Software Bill <br />
of Materials (SBOM)
Full, dynamic Software Bill
of Materials (SBOM)

Dynamically live-map all of the components your software environment for holistic management and compliance, including provenance (where it comes from), location (where it’s deployed), and status (how it’s executed).

Working smarter, not harder

Working smarter, not harder

Security is critical in complex cloud computing environments. But without automation backing your vulnerability management program, even the most efficient teams can be easily overwhelmed by unmanageable patching backlogs, leaving risk unchecked and causing friction with DevOps’ aggressive release cycles.

Don’t compromise. Secure your environment at the pace your business requires. Rezilion and Amazon Inspector make it possible to untangle from these common manual security bottlenecks to build more on the cloud while remaining secure.


Seamless vulnerability
management starts now

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