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Using Dynamic SBOM to Discover Log4Shell

Using Dynamic SBOM to Discover Log4Shell

Many organizations are painfully familiar with the Log4Shell vulnerability. The affected Log4j library is widespread, yet not always easy to detect, especially in a production setting. The Dynamic SBOM can help not only detect Log4j, but can also determine which instances you actually need to worry about.

Download this report to learn:
  • How a dynamic SBOM can help you hunt for Log4j
  • How to establish exploitability context
  • How to remediate Log4j instances

Dynamic SBOM Benefits

Full visibility, full cycle

Inventory of all software components in your CI/CD, staging and production environments.

Know your real attack surface

Understand your changing software universe through real time updates to the SBOM.

Search for vulnerable components

Search your SBOM to identify whether your software contains high-risk components.

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