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Why SBOMs Need to Evolve Into Dynamic SBOMs

Why SBOMs Need to Evolve Into Dynamic SBOMs

SBOMs or Software Bill of Materials have been in the news quite frequently in the past 12 months, due mostly to supply chain cyberattacks, critical exploitable vulnerabilities, and an executive order. Cybersecurity professionals need to understand the importance of SBOMs and educate others on the need for one. It’s quickly becoming a critical element of the overall
cybersecurity discipline.

Download this ebook to learn:
  • Who needs and can benefit from an SBOM
  • Why SBOMs need to evolve to become dynamic
  • What the future holds for SBOMs

Dynamic SBOM Benefits

Full visibility, full cycle

Inventory of all software components in your CI/CD, staging and production environments.

Know your real attack surface

Understand your changing software universe through real time updates to the SBOM.

Search for vulnerable components

Search your SBOM to identify whether your software contains high-risk components.

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