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Rezilion is the only cloud workload protection platform that makes security a DevOps checkbox.

Security at Cloud Speed and Scale

Legacy security tools and solutions favor prudence over speed. DevOps requires speed and scale, and to keep up, resilience must be part of the infrastructure DNA. Rezilion enables you to
run without fear.

Dynamic Whitelisting & Application Control

By statically analyzing CI/CD pipeline artifacts (code repositories, VM and container images repositories, etc.) Rezilion determines the correct state for every production instance and assures that each is behaving exactly as programmed.

  • Automatically create a granular and dynamic white-list of allowed code and commands
  • Entirely deterministic attestation: No reliance on learned baselines or heuristics
  • In the event of a deviation, Rezilion leverages native cloud orchestration mechanisms to recommission affected instances and returns them to a known good state

Hardening & Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities, known and unknown, are part of the DevOps life. Unfortunately, they can’t be fixed all at once. Rezilion makes living with vulnerabilities manageable by reducing the vulnerable attack surface — as well as the tension between DevOps and Security teams.

  • Identify and remove redundant code that creates unnecessary exposure
  • Focus on vulnerabilities in components that are actually executed in production, thus reducing the load on DevSecOps by 70 – 80%
  • Automatically mitigate and reduce the impact of many exploitable vulnerabilities

Exploit Prevention & Memory Protection

Rezilion continuously assesses the integrity of hosts, virtual machines, and containers; providing broad protection against attacks, without the overhead and complexity of legacy solutions.

  • Mitigate attacks that target known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Prevent attacker persistence 
  • Protect workloads across heterogeneous multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments

Change Control & Access Management

Immutability is a shared goal for developers, IT, and security. However, few production environments are completely immutable. Rezilion helps control and document any manual change that bypasses the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Verify manual admin activity using your existing ITSM and collaboration tools
  • Continuously assess your environment’s immutability level, flagging services with frequent manual changes
  • Control drift and enforce consistency across the environment
  • Automatically reverse unsanctioned changes by “cowboy admins”, rogue insiders or compromised admin accounts.

Rezilion Prioritize

Rezilion Prioritize gives you unparalleled visibility into the provenance of everything running in production and helps align DevOps and security by prioritizing the issues that pose actual and immediate risk to your organization.

Rezilion Enforce

Rezilion Enforce provides you with turnkey application resilience by harnessing the declarative nature of code to autonomously create a security policy that is enforced in production using your existing DevOps tools.

Our Integration Partners

Rezilion seamlessly integrates with every component of your CI/CD pipeline.

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