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Vulnerability Remediation

Give your DevOps team an actionable remediation plan to remove the guesswork and reduce your risk fast.

Smart remediation for faster fixing

Instead of flooding DevOps with endless requests without any context, tell them exactly what they need to know.

With Rezilion, set a clear policy and automatically generate a short list of actions that engineers have to take to eliminate risk.

Distill thousands of vulnerabilities to a handful of packages that need to be updated to remediate vulnerabilities and meet security and compliance requirements.


Fix Your Fix-It List…Fast

Eliminating risk is a whole lot easier when you can see what’s actually
exploitable, distill thousands of vulnerabilities to a mere handful requiring your
attention, and ticket efficient patching work in seconds.

  • Aggregate vulnerabilities in CI & Production
  • Filter out non-exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Map thousands of vulnerabilities to a handful of software components
  • Create remediation plan and open tickets to upgrade components that violate your security policy

Use Cases

Reduce Time to Patch

Reduce time to patch by providing DevOps with more precise, more impactful remediation instructions focused on exploitable risk.

Enforce Your Security Policy

Reduce inconsistent enforcement of your security policy by seamlessly integrating it into the critical stages of your team’s SDLC and remediation workflow.

Create Harmony Between Teams

Reduce operational friction between security and DevOps teams by eliminating disagreement over where, why and how to patch.


Manage all your scan results in one place

Aggregate all your vulnerabilities across a range of environments and scanner tools (hosts, OSS, containers) to evaluate all your software risk in a single, live dashboard.

Filter out the noise

Focus on what matters most by removing unexploitable vulnerabilities so that you do not have to worry about remediating vulnerabilities that pose no risk.

Define Security Policies

Define your thresholds of acceptable risk by setting criteria from a range of options such as CVSS, exploitability, type of application, Site/BU and patching SLAs.

Automatically create a smart remediation plan

Guided by your defined security policy, instantly group thousands of vulnerabilities into a handful of components that need update in order to meet this policy. Prioritize those components associated with more exploitable vulnerabilities.

Give Clear Direction

Don’t flood DevOps with vulnerability scan dumps. Instead, Rezilion executes your remediation plan with automated tickets and issues to notify developers exactly which components they need to upgrade.

Track Exposure Time

Track your team’s remediation efforts and SLAs to ensure that you are not out of compliance. Automatically resolve issues that have been fixed to release developer bandwidth back to innovation work.



Identify and manage all software
across your dynamic environment



Filter out unexploitable vulnerabilities
to maintain release velocity

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