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Patch Less, Build More with Rezilion + GitLab

Pre-register to receive this recorded webinar on Thursday, May 26.

Patch Less, Build More with Rezilion + GitLab

Driven by digital transformation, product organizations are innovating faster and pushing larger quantities of code than ever before. DevSecOps teams have not been equipped with critically-needed automation tools to detect, prioritize, and address security risks… until now.

Together, Rezilion and GitLab are arming DevSecOps teams to build more and patch less. GitLab surfaces potential vulnerabilities within the CI pipeline and Rezilion helps identify which vulnerabilities are loaded to memory. This means developers can focus on true risks instead of vulnerabilities that are not exploitable.

In this webinar, we will cover:
  • How to validate detected software vulnerabilities to clear away the clutter of false positive scan results
  • How to reduce patching efforts in CI by up to 70% or more to free up more time to build
  • How to “shift security left” in ways that don't just redistribute the workload

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