The Women of Rezilion: Product Manager Shahar Bahat

The Women of Rezilion: Product Manager Shahar Bahat

We are highlighting some of the amazing and talented women at Rezilion as part of our celebration of Women’s History month. Here we catch up with Product Manager Shahar Bahat.

Please tell me about your role and how you got started in your career? Why did you pursue this career path?
I am a product manager at Rezilion. I began my career as a data analyst in Unit 8200 (an Israeli Intelligence Corps unit of the Israel Defense Forces). After some time, I realized that, although I love data, I am also interested in other areas that I want to investigate. My interest led me to work in the research area as a team manager for a couple of years. By the end of this, I realized that my real passion was product management, so I switched to product management and worked in a variety of product positions. I believe that to be effective in product management you need to think big, but not overlook every detail. You need to work with an amazing team of people throughout the company, and mix business, tech, and personal skills. Over the years, I have gathered many skills that are useful in this role, and I am glad I did every step of the way. 

Does being a woman in tech pose any unique challenges?
Through the years, I have noticed that there are challenges and in some places there is a stigma that women aren’t tech-savvy enough and they are oversensitive. This can affect many areas, such as salary, positions, and treatment at some companies. Personally, I chose to work in a place where this stigma does not exist, but I’ve observed this in many places.

What inspires you to do the best you can?
The people I work with and learn from everyday inspire me the most. As a result of being surrounded by such smart and good people, I am inspired to do better everyday. 

What about working at Rezilion do you think helps foster an environment of inclusion for all genders?
Rezilion is a unique company with a company culture of inclusion, helping other people and the community, and investing in doing good inside and outside; even when that has nothing to do with our product. The other unique aspect of Rezilion is that not only do you feel valued and appreciated, but you are also encouraged to invest your time in the community to create a more equal society.

What further progress would you like to see for women in technology around the world in the future?
To begin with, I want to see more women in the industry, particularly in technical positions. I also want women to feel qualified, and to have more self-confidence in their skills and abilities.  

This needs to start with education and we should be working on it as a community as much as possible. From that perspective, I hope to see more women in leadership roles and more than that, as well as more female-led startups.

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