The Women of Rezilion: Director of Human Resources Ilana Ginzberg Vaknin

The Women of Rezilion: Director of Human Resources Ilana Ginzberg Vaknin

We are highlighting some of the amazing and talented women at Rezilion as part of our celebration of Women’s History month. Here we catch up with Director of Human Resources Ilana Ginzberg Vaknin.

Please tell me about your role and how you got started in your career? Why did you pursue this career path?
First and foremost, I am a happy person. I do what I love, with people I value and appreciate, and flourish in the role everyday. I bring many years of experience in Human Resources, resource development, community building, training, team, and project management to Rezilion.

This job comes with responsibilities in both Israel and the site in the United States. I started working at Rezilion right at the beginning, and it is a joy to see the development of the company and see my impact.

Human Resources is a fascinating, empowering field; it combines managerial tools, building organizational culture, organizational consulting, employee development, and many other areas.

In addition to my position at Rezilion, I am a member of the Beer Sheva City Council and chair the Women’s Empowerment Committee.

I wish to grow and advance in the Human Resources field and march Rezilion and its employees forward.

Does being a woman in tech pose any unique challenges?
I combine a demanding professional role along with being a mother of four children, which is a big challenge. There is no doubt that the high-tech field requires hard work, high availability, creativity in problem solving, and high efficiency capabilities. The hard work always pays off, and with creativity and mental flexibility, I welcome the challenges.

What inspires you to do the best you can?
The people who work for Rezilion and a constant inner drive to evolve and develop in my professional and personal life. Every day it is important to learn new things and integrate the insights into the company.

What about working at Rezilion do you think helps foster an environment of inclusion for all genders?
The thing I love most about Rezilion is that everyone, in each and every role, has the ability to make an impact right from the start. For example, the team of Rezilion women, who are in different positions and departments, influence the success of the company in full force. We will continue to grow, develop, and increase inclusion in the company.

What further progress would you like to see for women in technology around the world in the future?
My dream is to see as many women as possible in development and senior management positions. By virtue of my position, I initiate many projects among high school students, college students, and alumni to make the high-tech field accessible and help them enter this world. In my opinion, the real work should begin at a young age. It is satisfying to see that hard work is beginning to bear fruit, but the road to true equality in technology is still a long one.

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