The SBOM of the Future Must Be Dynamic

A circle looks like it is exploding

By: John Vassiliou

Companies are increasingly turning to a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to provide them with information about what is in their individual software environment.

SBOMs have already shown promising results. In a study from the Linux Foundation, over 44% of respondents said that a software bills of materials (SBOM) improves some aspects of their development processes.

In an ever changing software environment, a static, unadaptable display of outdated or irrelevant information can do more harm than good. Vulnerabilities may develop that leave organizations open to exploitation. But without updated information about the software in an environment, security and development leaders remain unaware of the risks. What companies need are Dynamic SBOMs – which are capable of monitoring, identifying, and compartmentalizing the most important information in real time.

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