Case Study: The Intersection of DevOps and Security in Med-tech

Case Study: The Intersection of DevOps and Security in Med-tech

Amid the many challenges for healthcare is managing escalating costs without compromising quality of care and risks to patient safety and privacy. For connected medical device (med-tech) companies, this presents a major opportunity to support healthcare providers with advanced digital services, often via mobile-connected devices that process and transmit critical patient-related health information. Of course, their service infrastructure must be secure and compliant with the HIPAA security standards, which can impact the service provider’s ability to add new features and functionality to their devices, as connected medical devices often involve sending telemetry data into the provider’s cloud infrastructure.

For med-tech providers, it is critical to gain real-time insights into the vulnerabilities which pose the greatest risk of attack and mitigate those at the speed of development. To capture how Rezilion can be used to effortlessly solve for this challenge, we’ve conducted several interviews with customers and subject matter experts as well as analyzed third-party analyst reports. What we’ve found is that, on average, network-connected medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations are spending $1.4 million annually based on vulnerability management activities.

Find out how Rezilion has helped our customers reduce their annual vulnerability and patch management costs by over 60% in our med-tech case study.

Over the past year, we’ve been privileged to help several connected healthcare device companies prioritize mitigation of the risks that pose the greatest threat to their cloud-based service infrastructure. By using Rezilion’s platform, our med-tech customers ensure their connected devices are meeting the required Security Management Process standards defined by HIPAA which “form the foundation upon which an entity’s necessary security activities are built”. We provide a turnkey solution for the two leading key requirements for risk analysis and risk management processes:

Risk analysis: Rezilion provides accurate assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with applications developed for use by medical professionals to more efficiently collect and process patient monitoring data. Rezilion determines which vulnerabilities associated with the application and its infrastructure  present a legitimate risk based on their exploitability. Our platform highlights which vulnerabilities are exploitable and which are not.

Risk management: Rezilion helps to minimize attack surface by prioritizing which vulnerabilities need to be addressed to make the biggest impact on risk reduction and identifying which resources that present risk, can be removed without impact to the underlying service functionality. Creating a smaller attack surface and prioritizing mitigation efforts based on risk helps IT resources efficiently and securely deliver healthcare services to their customers.

Rezilion enables effortlessly secure delivery of healthcare service applications — improving organizational security posture while allowing product teams to release faster. Our med-tech customers tell us that the volume and associated cost of vulnerabilities that must be mitigated prior to release are dramatically reduced.

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