The Future Of Vulnerability Management is about Solving Vulnerabilities, Not Just Uncovering Them

An image that includes Rezilion co-founders Shlomi Bournaru and Liran Tancman

The way we have approached vulnerability management over the years is not effective. Just one look at the headlines each day tells us that despite millions of dollars and countless hours spent trying to stay on top of software threats, businesses are still exposed.

Our vision as Rezilion’s founders has always been to find a new way forward for vulnerability management. Starting today, Rezilion will lead the way with the first end-to-end automated solution.

In our previous life as security executives and entrepreneurs we were in the business of uncovering security issues, which ultimately made more work for security teams. With Rezilion, our mission has always been the opposite: We want to minimize the amount of work our customers have to do in order to secure their software. 

Today we are excited to announce a truly holistic approach to vulnerability management. A complete answer to the complexities of security in the software stack.

The Answer to Vulnerability Challenges is Software Attack Surface Management

As it stands today, the industry lacks a secure and efficient way to patch bugs. Current methods are too noisy. Teams receive information about vulnerabilities, but lack context on how to prioritize patching that is meaningful to their own individual attack surface. This process is time consuming, gets in the way of innovation and also leaves organizations open to exploit.

At the same time, software continues to proliferate and the pace of innovation moves even faster each day. With so much software to keep track of, identifying vulnerabilities is now more difficult than ever before. The recently discovered Log4j vulnerability shows us just how challenging it is to identify certain flaws and know if you are exposed.

Enter Software Attack Surface Management. Attack surface management goes beyond mere detection of issues. It’s about holistically understanding their impact, prioritizing and remediating them. Until now. There was no platform that allowed to manage the risk associated with the software components deployed across the enterprise stack – just multiple scanners that create noise: one for open-source components, one for containers, one for hosts and infrastructure. Our new SASM approach to vulnerability management covers all software across your stack no matter where it is or where it came from, and provides a holistic solution to actually reduce the risk associated with it.

Our new platform solves the current challenges of vulnerability management by applying automation at all of the critical stages in the software security workflow: Detect all software components and their associated vulnerabilities, Prioritize the ones that are really exploitable (reducing more than 85% of the backlog), and Remediate them. It provides security teams with full-stack assurance and gives developers time back to build.  

This is is first comprehensive answer to the challenge of knowing what to remediate, where and how.

Scanners and Current Methods Are Not Enough

Our new SASM platform moves beyond the notion that scanners are sufficient for vulnerability management. It is time to move to a strategy that looks across the software stack, provides meaningful context of what to patch that is unique to your environment and saves time and money.

Scanners fail to provide the critical information needed to see across the software workflow and inevitably lead to coverage gaps because they work in silos and only in a particular part of the stack. To make matters worse even with scanner information, security teams still have too many alerts to contend with that make it impossible to separate useful signals from alert noise.

Scanners simply highlight some of the problems and flaws in the software environments, but they do not fully deliver on their promise of detecting true software risk – and efficiently eliminating it. It is through a detect, prioritize and remediate approach that we move to finding meaningful signals in the noise, understanding what needs to be fixed immediately, and automating the remediation of threats. Rezilion’s platform doesn’t just uncover, it solves your vulnerability management problems for you.

Shifting to A Better Model of Total Cost of Ownership

In addition to giving security and developers time back, our vision is also to save dollars with a more efficient and holistic platform to manage vulnerabilities.

As it stands now, with multiple scanners, organizations are bleeding money. Scanners have a considerable cost when one factors not only the cost of the tools themselves, but the greater cost of sifting through the “noise” (the many results the scanner produces) and then the inevitable time spent patching all of the flaws uncovered. It’s an expensive, slow, and cumbersome set of processes that leads to excessive waste.

A better TCO can be realized through a vulnerability management strategy underpinned with holistic tooling that offers you the ability to detect, prioritize and remediate across your entire software environment (without silos) and across the SDLC.

It’s Time for a Change in Vulnerability Management

A new era of vulnerability management is here…and Rezilion is leading the way forward with a best-in-class solution that will transform how security and developers approach and manage software risk. 

We’d love to show you all our platform has to offer…and we’d love to give it to you for free.  Book a 15-minute personalized demo, sign up for a free trial, or meet up with us at Black Hat August 10-11 to see it all live at booth #2408.

Thanks for your time – see you soon.

Liran & Shlomi

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