TAG Cyber’s Security Annual on Cyberwar Features Rezilion CEO Liran Tancman

A globe covered in computer code

The latest issue of TAG Cyber’s Security Annual for Q2 2022 tackles the difficult and very current issue of cyberwar.

The goal is to help readers understand how a cyberwarfare conflict might actually play out, as well as offer dispassionate views of how cyberwar must be addressed by businesses, governments, citizens and technology providers.

Rezilion CEO Liran Tancman is featured in this latest issue and discusses the challenges of ensuring that code is secured at different stages of the software development process, from CI to production.

As he notes, software drives everything today, and secure code is the building block of software products. Threat actors constantly seek new attack vectors, and unpatched vulnerabilities are a weakness that can be exploited. Global cyberwarriors will exploit these weaknesses whenever possible to accomplish the goals of the cyberattack, be it data theft, access to critical infrastructure or financial crimes.

Please download Security Annual here and read Liran’s comments on page 80 of the e-zine.

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