Simplify Your DevSecOps Workflow With This Simple Step

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The software development process is one with strict deadlines. The pace of innovation does not slow down. Because of this, developers often find themselves frustration as they try to ensure that the product they’re producing delivers on customer expectations, while also limiting vulnerabilities.

The balancing act between product security and meeting the needs of a time crunch can lead to a product being rushed to the market, leaving it vulnerable to unpatched exploits. On the other hand, delaying a release will make the customer unhappy and can lead to other problems.

The solution to this lies in a dependable DevSecOps process which is capable of delivering a product on time, and without the risk of security threats. This requires the seamless integration of security in the development process which ensures that the product has defenses from day one.

Automatically secure your product releases and deliver secure products every time without hassle with Rezilion’s platform. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Rezilion’s holistic software attack surface management platform can simplify your DevSecOps workflow.

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