Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM Provides Superior Support for Windows When Compared to the Competition

Rezilion Windows SBOM

Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM is a first-of-its-kind technology that consolidates Windows and Linux software risk together in one UI. The Rezilion Windows SBOM helps teams efficiently manage software vulnerabilities and meet new regulatory standards for the 56% of software today that’s built for Windows OS.  

There are many tools out there for vulnerability management, but most were initially built for use with Linux OS and they offer the complete picture of risk when they’re used for Windows. The market has been slow to respond to the need for better solutions when it comes to managing Windows security. 

Microsoft released a basic, open source “Windows-first” SBOM generation tool earlier this year, an open-source CLI tool used to create SPDX 2.2 compatible SBOMs for any variety of artifacts But Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM offers a much more comprehensive and dynamic view and approach, and provides a real-time versus static inventory of all software components in a single graphical UI. 

Let’s look at Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM features when compared with the other SBOM generation tool for Windows. 

Interface: Rezilion’s SBOM features a graphical UI and API in its interface. Windows SBOM features CLI (text only). Rezilion’s SBOM also works at all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and the competitor’s works in CI Only. 

Updates: Rezilion’s SBOM includes a real-time refresh frequency with continuous tracking and an option for a static export. The competitor’s open-source tool requires static, manual updates.

Vulnerability Management: Rezilion helps you with vulnerability detection at a much deeper level as vulnerability detection is supported by Rezilion, not by Windows. Vulnerability prioritization is also integrated, unlike in the competitors SBOM. With Rezilion, you can prioritize vulnerabilities according to their actual exploitability, severity/CVSS score and vulnerability spread. Remediation of vulnerabilities is guided and automatic. You will be guided on the fastest and most efficient way to eliminate risks. Tickets are generated automatically from within the platform to initiate remediation work.

Policies and Compliance: Rezilion offers a single policy platform that defines and automatically enforce security policies for all the organization in one place. This function is not supported by the competitor’s SBOM. 

Workflow Integration: Rezilion integrates with more than 13 commercial and open source scanners as well as all major cloud workloads, CI tools and collaboration tools.

When given a choice in SBOM offerings, the answer is clear. Rezilion’s Dynamic SBOM goes much further than the competition. From reducing time to patch to improving speed to market, get the facts on how to get ahead with a dynamically different tool and look at our side by side comparison page.

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