Media Round Up: Log4Shell Attack Surface Is Still Huge

A Vulnerability Warning Sign on a Screen

Several months since the first publication of Log4Shell, one of the most critical vulnerabilities in recent years due to its huge attack surface, ease of exploitation, and severe potential impact, and the current potential attack surface of this vulnerability is still massive. Unfortunately, things are far from ideal and many applications vulnerable to Log4Shell still exist in the wild.

Download this report today to learn about Rezilion researchers’ findings and what organizations need to do today to minimize future potential exploitation.Naturally, the research received a lot of media attention. Below is a round up of articles on the report.

Dark Reading – Log4j Attack Surface Remains Massive

Threat Post – Millions of Java Apps Remain Vulnerable to Log4Shell

Cyber News Group – Millions Of Java Apps Are Still Vulnerable To Log4Shell!

Smarter MSP – Patch management continues to be an MSP opportunity

SC Magazine – Log4Shell attack surface remains large

ZDNet – Log4j flaw: Thousands of applications are still vulnerable, warn security researchers

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