From Our Founders: Our Next Chapter is Trust in Motion

From Our Founders: Our Next Chapter is Trust in Motion

At the center of any digital transformation effort lies an inevitable collision between speed and security. On the left, DevOps wants to write code and push new products to innovate and stay competitive. On the right, Security teams want to ensure applications are secure and unexploitable so that their organization stays safe. DevOps wants to keep moving. Security is seen as a bottleneck to progress. When this happens, progress stalls, trust erodes, and nobody wins.

Three years ago, we created Rezilion to solve this central challenge: to automate the manual friction points of security processes to make it easier for organizations to develop, release, and operate digital products both quickly and securely. The power of this vision has been transformational, to our customers, to ourselves, and to the industry at large. Harmony works! But this is just the beginning of our journey.

Today we are pleased to announce the beginning of our next big chapter: a turning point made possible with $30 million in Series A funding secured from some of the largest financial institutions and most trusted security luminaries in the world.

In this next chapter, we will build on all we have accomplished while broadening our mission of helping companies to achieve Trust in Motion. Backed by this latest funding, Rezilion will enhance and develop new products that support this philosophy. This begins with the expansion of Validate, our vulnerability validation product that helps organizations reduce their manual patching efforts by more than 70%. In time, this will grow to include new solutions that help organizations to autonomously mitigate risk in development, patch detected vulnerabilities, enforce a healthy security posture, and dynamically manage their attack surface with both precision and speed, throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

As a DevSecOps automation platform, our promise comes down to this: increase the efficacy of security work, while reducing the number of hours teams are spending to be secure. After all, it’s human brilliance — ideas, decisions, relationships, and culture– not diligence, that will drive any business forward. We believe in the power of automation to help this brilliance to shine.

With this in mind, we invite you to join our growing Rezilion community. Drop us a note, share your feedback, try a demo, or apply to join our team. 

Thanks to all for your partnership and support on this journey. Stay tuned…more is just around the corner.

Liran Tancman, CEO
Shlomi Boutnaru, CTO

Co-Founders, Rezilion

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