Forbes: Vulnerability Backlogs Are A Dangerous Time Suck

Vulnerability backlogs take up too much time

Vulnerability backlogs imperil our organizations when it comes to security. With budget tights and resources limited, time is money. And in security, we are in a race against time to both avoid exploitation by criminals and ensure protection. Vulnerability management is an important area where organizations are losing time.

Software developers must also contend with time challenges as they are expected to develop applications without vulnerabilities. While their objective is innovation, it cannot come at the price of security.

Rezilion CEO Liran Tancman writes about the time challenge of dealing with vulnerability backlogs in Forbes this month. In his column, he dives into new research from the Ponemon Institute that looks at how much time is wasted on the developer side and the security side when it comes to DevSecOps.

Read the full Forbes article here.

Additionally, the free Ponemon report is available to download today. Titled The State of Vulnerability Management in DevSecOps, it finds 47% of security leaders report they have a backlog of applications that have been identified as vulnerable – and those backlogs are a behemoth facing these teams. We are talking 100,000+ vulnerabilities as 66% say their backlog contains at least that many vulnerabilities. But remediating those vulnerabilities is barely getting done as 54% say they were able to patch less than 50% of the vulnerabilities in the backlog.

By downloading the report, you will:

  • Learn the common bottlenecks that challenge Security and IT leaders most
  • Understand the impact of how these inefficiencies affect organizations today
  • Access benchmarks on various aspects of the Vulnerability Management process to know where your organization stands
  • Get recommendations for how to build a more efficient and effective Vulnerability Management strategy

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