Follow These Steps to Bring Security and Developers Together

Lines of code

The days of security seen as the bane of software developers are over—or at least they should be. Building strong security into products cannot be an afterthought at a time when vulnerabilities are leading to wide scale cyber attacks.

The fact is, security can and should be a competitive advantage for companies producing software. Recent, high-profile breaches and ransomware attacks have highlighted the importance of securing every aspect of the organization—including the software that runs so many critical business processes.

The mature, modern development environment must put security at the top of the list of priorities, along with quality. Yes, speed to market is still important. But not at the expense of delivering flawed software that can result in huge losses down the road, both for the software company and its customers.

Download this ebook and learn about the essential steps organizations must embrace to create a modern development environment that makes security an integral part of the development lifecycle—without adding more work for developers.

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