End-to-End Software Attack Surface Management for Secure Innovation

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We live in a software-driven world that requires organizations to develop and release software products more frequently. This pace of software development is leading to the meteoric growth of the software attack surface.  As the modern software attack surface grows, so do the challenges of managing such a dynamic attack surface. Rezilion, in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, dive into this industry issue and companies can address it.

A few noteworthy trends are:

  • The amount of software development undertaken is increasing across SME and mid/large enterprises and industries, including highly regulated areas like financial services, healthcare, and connected devices. 
  • DevSecOps approach is being used to bake security into the software development life cycle but in practice can be troublesome to achieve.
  • Dynamic SBOM emerges as the key driver to managing and implementing security controls across the entire software attack surface from development to production. 
  • Rising importance of security in software development today is leading to the sprawl of the software supply chain risk

Organizations are faced with a critical challenge –  Achieving innovation and business agility while actively managing cyber security – Some considerations towards achieving this objective are: 

  • Enterprises are pursuing innovation, to achieve this, developers are creating massive amounts of code, facing tight deadlines, and don’t have time to deal with so much patching. 
  • However, more code creates more potential for software vulnerability, leading to more noise and more things to patch, and longer remediation timelines. This takes time and effort from the developers and creates friction between the DevOps and security teams. 
  • Being able to detect and remediate vulnerability is a challenge that either results in slower innovation (due to more time spent on ensuring security) or less security (due to a large amount of vulnerabilities remaining unaddressed in the pursuit of innovation).
  • What organizations need is to actively manage and prioritize vulnerabilities across the entire software attack surface, a task that requires a holistic and dynamic software attack surface management tool that allows them to identify, prioritize and automatically remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprises need to be aware of all the vulnerabilities and their exploitability in their organization by utilizing a dynamic software bill of materials (DSBOM) through different stages of product development.
  • Analyze the data to reveal the actual threats and determine if the vulnerability is actually exploitable through vulnerability validation using run-time analysis.
  • Prioritize the threats and deal with the most impactful (most dangerous or ones that affect the most applications) first to reduce patching efforts and filter out the nose 
  • Reduce time to remediate through automation

A way forward: By using Rezilion’s software attack surface management platform, organizations can excel in development efficiency while achieving secure innovation. Some key benefits include:

  • Unified view of your software environment  – across the entire tech stack and DevOps lifecycle of all scans, software components, vulnerabilities, and supply chain security issues keeps organizations aware of your true attack surface.
  • Organizations can reduce their software attack surface by at least 85% (add a link to the new patch report) leading to reduced patching efforts.
  • Organizations spend less to reach feature functionality because developers spend less time on patching and more on coding
  • Automation is a game changer
    • Automated remediation workflows in CI and production allow developers and product security teams to save time.
    • Automatic resolution of issues that have been fixed allows developers to focus on development.
    • Developers are more productive leading to faster and more secure innovation
    • There is less friction between DevOps and security teams 
  • Ultimately products are more secure because the biggest threats are dealt with in a timely manner early on in the development process

To learn more about the challenges of the modern software attack surface and the world’s first Software Attack Surface Management platform from Rezilion download this new white paper from Frost and Sullivan.

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About Rezilion 

Rezilion’s platform automatically secures the software you deliver to customers. Rezilion’s continuous runtime analysis detects vulnerable software components on any layer of the software stack and determines their exploitability, filtering out up to 95% of identified vulnerabilities. Rezilion then automatically mitigates exploitable vulnerabilities across the SDLC, reducing vulnerability backlogs and remediation timelines from months to hours, while giving DevOps teams time back to build. 

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