Deliver Secure Products with Rezilion Azure DevOps Integration

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With an unprecedented amount of product releases, developers and security teams are both faced with the challenge of balancing security with on-time delivery. Without critically-needed automation tools to detect, prioritize, and address security risks, DevOps teams end up patching vulnerabilities that do not pose actual risks. This slows down development, leaves organizations vulnerable, and causes friction with DevOps’ aggressive release cycles and product security teams.

The solution to this challenge  is a cybersecurity tool that: 

  • Natively integrates with development workflows
  • Allows teams to validate and prioritize vulnerabilities early in the development process
  • Offer auto-remediation of critical vulnerabilities

This will help developers reduce their vulnerability backlog and remediate vulnerabilities that actually pose a risk. The right solution will allow developers to  keep up with the pace of product delivery without compromising product security. A growing vulnerability backlog is a serious challenge for development teams.

Some of the challenges of growing vulnerability backlog and the inability to prioritize risks that matters include:

  • Developers waste time fixing everything
  • Longer time to market
  • Longer remediation times lead to longer attack windows thus increasing the likelihood of exploitation. 

Rezilion’s native integration with Azure DevOps allows teams to use Rezilion’s run-time validation to focus on fixing what matters most and addressing the drawbacks of a growing vulnerability backlog.

Deployed in minutes, this seamless integration of Rezilion with Azure DevOps first helps DevOps teams discover all software components in their environment, then using granular run-time validation, helps them prioritize vulnerabilities that are exploitable and eliminate vulnerabilities that pose no risk, so they can focus on what matters most and remediate strategically while saving significant amount of time. Through the Rezilion-Azure DevOps integration, customers will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Reduce vulnerability backlog by 85% by eliminating un-exploitable vulnerabilities that are not loaded to memory
  • Reduce patching efforts by prioritizing what matters most in your environment thus saving developers many hours and delivering better products faster.
  • Reduce remediation timelines from months to hours with seamless integration into the development workflow that allows timely attention to threats. 
  • A dynamic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that quickly provides a comprehensive view of all the software components including open source components including their loaded/unloaded status and exportable in CycloneDX format.
  • VEX (Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange) export, provides a standardized format to communicate vulnerabilities and their impact on customers and regulators
  • Shifting left – Customers can validate vulnerabilities early on in the development process – right after the build – as part of the existing testing phase within the CI pipeline. 
  • Actionable insights and easy-to-interpret results – Customers can view and share reports from within the CircleCI UI that provide actionable insights for taking remediation steps. 

This integration with Azure DevOps is a game-changer for CI/CD security. Rezilion’s platform now natively integrates with the world’s leading CI/CD tools – GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, and Azure DevOps. This gives organizations unparalleled flexibility to use Rezilion’s platform with the CI/CD tool of their choice.

Watch this video to understand the Rezilion Azure DevOps integration and download the Rezilion Azure DevOps Solution overview today to learn more.

For more information, visit our partners page and to sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Rezilion platform.

Reduce your patching efforts by
85% or more in less than 10 minutes