Case Study: Manufacturer Tackles Complexity

The case study overviews a manufacturing case study for Rezilion.

In this manufacturing case study that showcases Rezilion, we overview how a leading manufacturing company used the platform for several challenges. This company was using a variety of tools for software security, including multiple tools for SCA and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation. Rezilion’s platform was able to simplify their systems and patching for a huge savings.

The company sought to deploy an automated solution to deliver efficiency in its software security workflows while not disrupting its existing processes. The challenge for the organization was not so much an inability to deal with software security issues, but the need to create efficiencies and cohesiveness from what was a complex, disjointed vulnerability management approach.

In an effort to make things more seamless, the customer deployed Rezilion’s platform for efficiency and scalability and was able to simplify their systems and patching. Savings were seen almost immediately.

Read this case study for:

  • Business challenges that this company faced and how Rezilion addressed them
  • How the company achieved greater efficiency with Rezilion
  • The impact Rezilion made: better security with time and cost savings

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