AWS + Rezilion: A Better-Together Solution

AWS + Rezilion: A Better-Together Solution

Today we are thrilled to announce that Rezilion will be featured as one of the launch partners for Amazon Inspector security assessment service. At this same time, we are also unveiling our agentless deployment mechanism across AWS instances: a turning point in our customer experience, empowering 1-click deployment of our toolset for the world’s largest cloud computing community. By integrating Rezilion with Amazon Inspector, customers now have access to a seamless solution that addresses the challenges of vulnerability management, shrinks vulnerability backlogs, and empowers faster and safer innovation.

The ongoing tension between Security and Development teams is a result of two conflicting goals. Dev wants to innovate and ship code quickly. Security wants to ensure that code does not contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by bad actors. Through the solution that Rezilion + Inspector provides, companies have the ability to detect, prioritize, and address that risk in fast-moving release cycles with both precision and agility.

AWS has long been an innovator in DevOps technology, and the enhancements to Amazon Inspector announced today reveal their commitment to securing cloud workloads and applications. Rezilion can now further help customers by providing fluid and instant relief to teams mired in the bottlenecks of manual security workflows. This is significant to organizations because it can help them to save time, resources and frustration by dramatically reducing patching work. This is significant to us at Rezilion because it moves us closer to our mission of enabling trust in motion through secure software development.

We are excited to be part of this next chapter of Inspector and are proud to be chosen as a trusted partner of AWS as part of their vision for the future of software security. To find out more about Rezilion Validate, sign up today or request a demo from our team.  

See you soon,

Omri Lahav


VP of Product, Rezilion

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