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AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics company that helps marketers, ad agencies and app creators measure and optimize their marketing campaigns. The data, tools & insights from AppsFlyer enable advertisers to make better business decisions, protect their ad spend from fraud, and fuel their own data-driven marketing innovations. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with 14 additional offices around the world.

The Challenge: “Guardrails not Gates” — protecting cloud workloads without getting in the way of DevOps

As a cloud-native company, AppsFlyer has based its development and architecture on containers and runs its service nodes on AWS. Their ability to constantly improve and iterate code is a competitive differentiator, and so — while security is considered a mission-critical component of their operational framework — legacy security best practices were hurdles to the company’s success.

“AppsFlyer is a company that was born in the age of DevOps. Our [security] team starts from the perspective that the developers know what is best for them, and our job is to provide them with the best visibility into and tools to protect against security risks.”

—Guy Flechter, CISO at AppsFlyer

Why Rezilion?

In exploring available solutions in the market, the AppsFlyer security team ran into two fundamental problems:

  • Solutions that required too much manual configuration and tuning
  • Solutions that generated too many false alerts to be useful

“All the cloud workload protection solutions that we looked at before Rezilion eventually were unable to keep up and support the rate and quantity of change in our environment. We love Rezilion’s approach because it solves problems in DevOps automatically. Rezilion helps us protect our environment as a continuous process without the need for heuristics or machine learning that require tuning and verification by a human being.”

—Guy Fletcher, CISO at AppsFlyer


With Rezilion, AppsFlyer is able to quickly integrate protection into their production environment, where they are able to:

  • Ensure that all instances in production are running in a healthy “good” state
  • Gain visibility into administrative operations or unsanctioned activity control
  • Triage vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in production by identifying only those that
    represent actual threat
  • Run without fear of remote code execution vulnerability exploitation leading to a breach

“What’s great about Rezilion is that it’s a very simple way to mitigate risk.”

​—Guy Flechter, CISO at AppsFlyer


Rezilion is an entirely deterministic solution, meaning there is no learning period, heuristic baselining, or manual configuration. Protection is turnkey, benefits are immediate: Self-healing infrastructure.

Using Rezilion, AppsFlyer ensures the integrity and security of its production environment, with real-time protection that doesn’t disrupt DevOps, and seamless integration into ITSM and SIEM tools for later investigation and forensics. The goal: Run without fear.

“Rezilion buys us time in case there’s an unpatched vulnerability in production. It prevents attackers from exploiting it before it’s being fixed.”

—​ Guy Flechter, CISO at AppsFlyer

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